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White Mountains National Park


"One is the canyon! All the rest is gorges! "Proclaims the Sfakian and understands the Samaria Gorge, the uniqueness has caused national and global recognition. It is the only region of Greece has taken the Diploma of the Council of Europe's protected areas (1979) and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (1981) - Global characterization attributed to the proper management of important areas because of the significant natural and cultural identity.
The extent of the National Park with the current data is 48,480 hectares and covers the highly protected zone, ie the core. The law establishing the Management Agency of the National Park Samaria defines a larger area to be managed, which will define exactly the Special Environmental Study (NRP), which will be defined and regional areas of the park. The gorge of Samaria is located in the mountains of the White Mountains and along the path on the edge of National Park is 12,800 meters, while the southern entrance to the beach Agia Roumeli is 3200 meters further. At first Xyloskalo kilometers (north entrance), the route is characterized by very steep and continues through woods of pine and cypress either parallel or crossing the river several times, until the old village of Samaria. After the village follow the most impressive part of the route through nearly vertical cliffs towering the "Doors" or Sideroportes which are at 11.5 km, nearly 1.5 km before the outpost of Ag Roumeli (end of the route).

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